PerfeCTa qPCR FastMix UNG

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Cycling protocols
  • contains UNG to eliminate amplification of carry-over contamination

PerfeCTa qPCR FastMix UNG Kits are intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.


PerfeCTa qPCR FastMix, UNG is a 2X concentrated, ready-to-use reaction cocktail that contains all components, except primers, probe(s), and template for real-time quantitative PCR systems that do not require an internal reference dye. The proprietary buffer and stabilizers have been specifically optimized to deliver maximum PCR efficiency, sensitivity, and robust fluorescent signal with TaqMan® or TaqMan MGB probe chemistry when using rapid PCR cycle times and reduced reaction volumes. This affords greater reagent economy and laboratory throughput on conventional or rapid ramp rate qPCR systems. The enhanced specificity of this FastMix suppresses cross-reactivity between homologous sequences, improving detection and discrimination in SNP applications. A key component of this FastMix is AccuFast™ Taq DNA polymerase. This hot-start Taq contains a proprietary mixture of monoclonal antibodies that bind to the polymerase and keep it inactive prior to the initial PCR denaturation step (> 48 hours at room temperature). Similar to our AccuStart™ Taq DNA polymerase, these antibodies are irreversibly inactivated during the initial PCR denaturation step. However, unlike other antibody hot-start polymerases, activation of AccuFast Taq is instantaneous at 95ºC. Rapid recovery of fully active, unmodified Taq DNA polymerase is critical for efficient extension kinetics. Replication of fragments up to 200 bp is complete in less than 20s at 60ºC. Additionally, the dNTP mix in this FastMix contains dUTP in place of dTTP. Inclusion of uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG) prevents amplification of carry-over contamination from previous dU-containing PCRs.