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Environmental Testing
Pathogen Detection

Reliably Sensitive Pathogen Detection

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are capable of causing serious illness or infection and can be introduced into the body through high-traffic places such as public lakes, rivers, and beaches. Whether these bodies of water were contaminated by storm drain runoff, sewage spills, or even local farms, Quantabio’s advanced molecular biology reagents can help detect spikes in the level of contaminating organisms found in these natural environments.

Quantabio’s ToughMix chemistries are trusted by government testing agencies and private laboratories around the world for academic research and conservational studies where environmental DNA (eDNA) is used to identify the population health of various species.

Workflow Solutions


Environmental sample (wastewater, soil, marine etc.)

RNA/ DNA Extraction

RNA/ DNA Extraction


Customer Testimonials
AccuStart II PCR ToughMix

"My experiments demonstrated that AccuStart II PCR Toughmix improved the yield of PCRs using environmental DNA from freshwater samples."

David N. | Bioinfo Expert

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PerfeCTa qPCR ToughMixqScript XLT 1-Step rt-qPCR ToughMix
Kit FormatOne Tube
Sample TypegDNA, cDNA
RT EnzymeMMLV, reduced RNase activity
Total RNA Input Range1pg - 100ng
Amplicon Length70 - 300 bp
Hot StartN/A
Fast CyclingYes
Multiplex CompatibilityUp to 2 targets
Carryover Contamination ControlN/A
Inhibitor Tolerant**x
High Yieldxx
Multiplex PCRx
Gene Expressionx
SNP Genotyping

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