UltraPlex 1-Step ToughMix

Tough-tested, multiplex, 1-step real time PCR

Features & Benefits

  • 4X concentrated master mix allows greater flexibility with dilute samples - as little as 1 pg of total RNA
  • Multiplexing capable with up to 5 targets
  • Tough-tested for applications where PCR inhibition from template impurities may be a concern, such as: crude extracts, clinical specimens, or environmental samples.
  • Temperature stabilized master mix enables convenient reaction setup at ambient room temperature


UltraPlex 1-Step ToughMix is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.


UltraPlex 1-Step ToughMix is a ready-to-use, 4X concentrated master mix 1-step reverse transcription and real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) of RNA templates using probe-based detection methods. First-strand cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification are carried out in the same tube without opening between steps. Optimized to deliver highly sensitive quantification of RNA viruses or low abundance RNA targets in uni- or highly multiplexed RNA detection assays, this reagent chemistry is optimized to deliver maximum assay sensitivity, precision and reproducibility with miniaturized reaction volumes and either conventional or accelerated thermal cycling protocols. UltraPlex 1-Step ToughMix contains all required components for RT-qPCR except RNA template and probe and is compatible with all dual-labeled probe chemistries.