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Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT)®, Long-Read and Amplicon Sequencing Solutions

Quantabio offers solution for Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT)®, Long-Read and Amplicon Sequencing. Our high-quality reagents deliver unmatched efficiency and robust performance to ensure reliable and reproducible sequencing results.


  • Unparalleled Speed: with our fast enzyme technologies (up to 1 kb/1 s), amplification times are reduced by 2-3x
  • Maximum efficiency and minimal bias with our high fidelity enzymes
  • High Quality for Long Reads: repliQa Hifi ToughMix can amplify up to 24kb of gDNA
  • Inhibitor resistance: Our ToughMix® formulations provide tolerance to a wide range of PCR inhibitors 

Learn how our products are used for Amplicon Sequencing with ONT® and Illumina® Workflows


Application Note: Rapid 16S Metagenomic Library Preparation for Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT)® Platform


In this application note we demonstrate a rapid 16S metagenomic library preparation method for the Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) sequencing platform using repliQa HiFi ToughMix.


Download Application Note


Application Note: Rapid library preparation for 16S rRNA sequencing


In this application note we detail the methodology for 16S rRNA library preparation with three Quantabio PCR master mixes, demonstrating fast, reliable workflows and high quality sequencing data suitable for a range of applications.


Download Application Note

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  • Applied Biosystems 7500
  • Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast
  • Stratagene Mx3000P®
  • Stratagene Mx3005P™
  • Stratagene Mx4000™
  • Applied Biosystems ViiA 7
  • Applied Biosystems QuantStudio™
  • Agilent AriaMx
  • Douglas Scientific IntelliQube®
  • Applied Biosystems 5700
  • Applied Biosystems 7000
  • Applied Biosystems 7300
  • Applied Biosystems 7700
  • Applied Biosystems 7900
  • Applied Biosystems 7900HT
  • Applied Biosystems 7900 HT Fast
  • Applied Biosystems StepOne™
  • Applied Biosystems StepOnePlus™
  • Quantabio Q
  • BioRad CFX
  • Roche LightCycler 480
  • QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q
  • Other
  • BioRad iCycler iQ™
  • BioRad MyiQ™
  • BioRad iQ™5

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