Quantabio Launches Single-Tube Lyophilized Reagent to Simplify Shipping, Storage and Setup of RT-qPCR RNA Applications

New freeze-dried, Qscript lyo 1-step offers greater sensitivity, stability and portability compared to currently available liquid master mixes

BEVERLY, Mass. Quantabio, a leading provider of robust DNA and RNA amplification reagents for the most demanding molecular testing and life science research applications, today launched the Qscript lyo 1-step, a lyophilized single-reaction reagent optimized for highly sensitive and reproducible RT-qPCR RNA applications. The new freeze-dried master mix can be conveniently shipped and stored at ambient temperature, which eliminates the need for cold chain, cuts the carbon footprint and significantly reduces overall costs.

The Qscript lyo 1-step is far more sensitive than currently available RT-qPCR liquid master mixes, enabling researchers to routinely detect down to 0.5 pg of RNA. The kit contains a hot-start thermostable polymerase, a genetically engineered reverse transcriptase, as well as other components to ensure higher performance detection, while multiplexing up to five targets with maximum sensitivity and specificity. The single-tube format facilitates easy reaction setup and prevents potential cross-contamination. The reagent also offers high-performance across a wide dynamic range of inputs from 0.5 pg – 500 pg.

The freeze-dried Qscript lyo 1-step master mix can be stored up to nine months at ambient temperatures or two years at 4 degrees Celsius from the manufacture date. It is compatible with the compact Q cycler, which rapidly heats and cools samples to generate high-quality, real-time qPCR data. Together, the new Qscript lyo 1-step kit and Q cycler produce highly accurate and reproducible data in as little as 25 minutes. Customers can distinguish down to 1.2-fold differences and achieve accurate and reliable quantification across various library sizes and GC-content.

“The launch of the Qscript lyo 1-step master mix is another example of how Quantabio has been able to apply our qPCR expertise and quickly respond to the evolving needs of our customers. This is a high-quality master mix that is also environmentally friendly and cost effective,” said Heather Meehan, PhD, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Quantabio. “Together with the faster and smaller Q cycler, our customers now have the reagent and instrument combination required for their most demanding RNA applications both in the lab and out in the field.”

Quantabio is now offering the Qscript lyo 1-step master mix in two packaging configurations of eight and 24 reactions using eight-strip PCR tubes. Customers will also have the ability to customize the kits with larger packaging sizes and configurations. For more information on the Qscript lyo 1-step kit, please visit

About Quantabio
Quantabio is a leading provider of advanced DNA and RNA amplification reagents for the most demanding molecular testing applications in applied, translational and life science research. The Quantabio team leverages decades of experience in developing pioneering amplification technologies to deliver cutting-edge products to researchers focused on critical PCR, qPCR and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) based applications. Based in Beverly, Mass., Quantabio offers a growing portfolio of products through its international sales operations, as well as a global network of distributors and commercial service providers. For more information, please visit

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