qScript One-Step SYBR Green RT-qPCR

1-step SYBR simplicity

Features & Benefits

  • Sensitive RNA detection with performance-engineered, RNase H (+) M-MLV reverse transcriptase
  • Stringent ultra-pure antibody hot start ensures precise target amplification
  • Flexible buffer chemistry supports either conventional or accelerated thermal cycling conditions


qScript One-Step SYBR Green RT-qPCR Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.


The qScript One-Step SYBR Green RT-qPCR Kit is a convenient and highly sensitive solution for quantitative RT-PCR of RNA templates (RT-qPCR) using SYBR Green I dye detection and gene-specific primers. cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification are carried out in the same tube without opening between procedures.The proprietary reaction buffer has been specifically formulated to maximize activities of both reverse transcriptase and Taq DNA polymerase while minimizing the potential for primer-dimer and other non-specific PCR artifacts. This reagent is compatible with both fast and standard qPCR cycling protocols. Precise amplification is essential for successful RT-qPCR with SYBR Green I technology since this dye binds to all dsDNA generated during amplification. This 1-step reagent contains ultra-pure AccuStart™ hot start Taq DNA polymerase that is completely arrested prior to the initial PCR denaturation step. Upon heat activation at 95°C, the antibodies are rapidly and irreversibly denatured, releasing a fully active high-yielding Taq DNA polymerase mutant.


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