microRNA Profiling

Confidence in your results.   Flexibility in assay design.

 Features & benefits

  • Open technology provides flexibility to design your own assay primers
  • Compatible with both total RNA and microRNA-enriched samples
  • Detect rare miRNAs - Linear assay performance over a broad range of input RNA
  • Seamlessly profile hundreds of miRs from a single RT reaction
  • Eliminates inefficient stem-loop priming and costly hydrolysis probes


The Quantabio qScript microRNA system utilizes a powerful 2-step RT-qPCR reaction (comprised of three components) suitable for miRNA detection from a variety of samples, whether inclusive of total RNA or pre-enriched for microRNAs:

Steps for using the qScript miRNA System

Learn more about how our miRNA system outperformed the competition in a recent Nature methods paper!

 New!  Design your own assays

technical noteWe are pleased to share our technology and guidelines for primer design, to generate your own assays specific to your miRNAs.  The sequences to our Oligo-dT Adapter Primer and Universal Primer are now available for free using the tech note.  Following this protocol will provide you the necessary primers to work along with the qScript microRNA cDNA kit and PerfeCTa SYBR Green Supermix.

Download the tech note PDF here.



Existing PerfeCTa Assay customers

If you are a former/existing customer of our PerfeCTa miRNA Assays, we are happy to provide you the sequence of your assay so that you can continue ordering it through any vendor of your choice.  To download the Excel sheet containing the assay sequences, please click HERE. Use the CTRL-F function within excel to search for your assay of interest and find the corresponding sequence.  

System Components

  • qScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit

    An optimized reagent system that provides highly-sensitive reverse transcription of small single-stranded RNA into 5'-labeled universal cDNA using either total RNA or miRNA-enriched template enabling seamless qPCR analysis

  • PerfeCTa SYBR® Green SuperMix
    User-friendly, stabilized 2X concentrated reaction cocktail optimized to produce maximum optical signal from especially small qPCR amplicons. Not recommended for fast thermal cycling conditions (anneal/elongation step <30 seconds)