Achieve the Ultimate Performance

Quantabio life science products are purposefully engineered and thoroughly tested to deliver superior performance for demanding DNA/RNA detection in a variety of applications

Product Categories


  • sparQ Universal Library Quant Kit
    provides rapid and accurate quantification of libraries prepared for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms
  • qScript 1-Step Virus ToughMix
    qScript 1-Step Virus ToughMix is a 2x, ready-to-use, master mix for rapid detection of RNA viruses.
  • repliQa HiFi ToughMix
    Superior speed and inhibitor tolerance
  • AccuStart Long Range SuperMix
    Superior sensitivity and multiplexing for DNA amplification of long targets
  • Qscript lyo 1-step
    is a lyophilized single-reaction reagent optimized for highly sensitive and reproducible one-step RT-qPCR using hydrolysis probes
  • sparQ PureMag Beads
    Fast, reliable DNA purification & size selection for NGS workflows
  • Q
    A faster, smaller, better way to qPCR
    Q uses a patented magnetic induction technology to rapidly heat and cool samples to acquire data in as little as 25 minutes.
  • sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit
    provides rapid enzymatic fragmentation and construction of DNA libraries from double-stranded DNA for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms.
  • sparQ DNA Library Prep Kit
    provides rapid construction of DNA libraries from fragmented double-stranded DNA for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms.
  • sparQ HiFi PCR Master Mix
    High efficiency, high-fidelity, and low bias 2x PCR master mix for NGS library amplification.
  • Extracta DBS
    PCR-ready genomic DNA from dried blood spots
  • PerfeCTa FastMix II
    An advanced 2X concentrated qPCR SuperMix reagent optimized to support both fast and standard thermal cycling conditions with probe-based real-time quantitative PCR assays
  • UltraPlex 1-Step ToughMix
    An advanced 4X concentrated master mix that enables highly sensitive 1-step RNA detection (RT-qPCR) using multiplexed probe-based real-time PCR with crude extracts or inhibitory biological starting materials
  • qScript cDNA SuperMix
    High performance qScript reverse transcriptase pre-blended with ribonuclease inhibitor protein (RIP) and an optimized primer blend to ensure integrity of low abundance RNA and unbiased sequence representation