Quantabio invites you to join us at our Booth #1626 to check out our latest product technologies for PCR and NGS workflows.

NEW Technologies 

sparQ Fast Library Quant Kit (for Q)
Fastest qPCR-based library quantification in 40 minutes
  • Faster time to results – 50% shorter run time than traditional cycling protocols
  • Accurate, reliable quantification of NGS libraries of various sizes and GC-content
  • High amplification efficiency across a wide linear dynamic range
  • Stabilized, ready-to-use sparQ Fast Mastermix to reduce pipetting steps
  • Superior run to run uniformity ensuring highly precise measurements

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AccuStart Long Range SuperMix
Superior sensitivity and multiplexing for DNA amplification of long targets
  • Amplify +24 kb gDNA and +40 kb lambda DNA
  • 4x concentration enables superior sensitivity with low inputs (100 pg)
  • Multiplex up to 6 targets with each target up to 6 kb in length
  • Stabilized, single-tube SuperMix minimizes pipetting errors and hands-on-time
  • Reliable lot-to-lot reproducibility ensures consistent results

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repliQa HiFi ToughMix
High Fidelity DNA amplification plus superior speed and inhibitor tolerance
  • Fast: Extension rates of 1 kb/sec*
  • Fidelity: 90x Wild Type Taq
  • Tough: Tolerant of PCR Inhibitors

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Co-Lab Scientific Presentation

Date/Time:  Friday, October 18: 12:45 - 1:30 pm
Title:   Speeding up Genomic Discoveries through Innovation: New Fast Library Quant (NGS) and High Fidelity and Long Range Amplification (PCR).

Quantabio is pushing innovation at speeds that scientists have never seen before. Whether it is through quantifying Illumina NGS libraries in 40 minutes via sparQ Fast Library Quant Kit, amplifying 9 kb gDNA targets in 45 minutes with repliQa High Fidelity ToughMix, or enabling multiplexing of 6 targets up to 6 kb using AccuStart Long Range SuperMix, Quantabio will continue to innovate and stretch the boundaries of what is possible.  
Join us for an exciting talk on these new technologies and applications!

Category:  Laboratory CoLab
CoLab #: 3
Booth #: 1209
Speaker:  David Schuster
Sr. Director R&D

Scientific Posters

Poster Rapid and accurate quantification of Illumina NGS libraries using sparQ Fast Library Quant Kit on the Q real-time qPCR instrument.
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Date: Thursday, Oct. 17
Location: Exhibit Hall, Level 1
Program #: 1840T