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qScript™ microRNA Quantification System

Detect and quantify microRNAs with superior sensitivity.

Quanta's microRNA Quantification System includes the most sensitive and accurate kits and assays available for generation of microRNA cDNA and subsequent detection using SYBR Green qPCR.

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Features and Benefits

qScript microRNA System
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  • Detect microRNAs with log-fold greater sensitivity than currently available systems
  • Profile microRNAs from small amounts of sample
  • Integrated system includes positive control and does not require expensive hydrolysis probes
  • Broad dynamic range of RNA input

The Quanta microRNA Technology

The qScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit is suitable for use with total RNA or preparations pre-enriched for microRNAs. A poly(A) tail is added to microRNAs followed by cDNA synthesis using an adapter primer and qScript RT in a single-tube reaction (Figure 1). The resulting cDNA is ready for qPCR amplification with a Universal PCR Primer and your choice of microRNA Assays. This unique single-tube system provides ease-of-use and efficient cDNA synthesis for quantification of microRNAs with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. PerfeCTa® SYBR Green SuperMixes ensure compatibility with any real-time thermal cycler.

Free Sample Kit Available! Free Sample Kit!

Just click the button for a free sample of the qScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit together with the PerfeCTa microRNA Assay Sample Pack containing 25 x 50 µl reactions and primers (25 µl at 10µM) for the following microRNAs:

  • hsa-miR-16
  • hsa-miR-21
  • hsa-miR-24
  • hsa-miR-26a
  • hsa-miR-27a

Confidence in Your Results

Quanta's technology allows inclusion of a minus-poly(A) polymerase control not available with other protocols. Each kit also includes a positive control for SNORD44 that may also be used as a calibration target.

Detection of Rare microRNAs

Quanta's microRNA profiling system provides linear detection and quantification of microRNAs across total-RNA input levels spanning six orders of magnitude (Figure 2). This means microRNAs will be detected when present even when tissue is scarce or the microRNAs are rare.

Superior Sensitivity

Quanta's microRNA profiling system yields superior results when compared to other leading microRNA quantification systems (Figure 3). The qScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, PerfeCTa microRNA Assays and PerfeCTa SYBR Green SuperMix form an integrated system that yields industry-leading results.

PerfeCTa® microRNA Assays & Controls

Quanta's PerfeCTa® microRNA Assays are wet-validated SYBR Green assays and are specific to the microRNA sequences in miRbase. Each consists of a single microRNA-specific primer (Figure 1) that works in conjunction with the Universal PCR Primer to form a robust and specific assay. Go to the up-to-date list of assays validated and available. Each qScript microRNA cDNA Sytnthesis Kit contains both the Universal PCR Primer and Positive Control Primer, which are also available individually (see table below).


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Excel list of microRNA Assays

List of microRNA Assays

Sequence information is based on miRBase Release 20.

To date 1237 assays for human microRNAs are available. If you can't find your microRNA please contact
If you encounter difficulties ordering microRNA assays please click here.

Case Studies

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Performance Data

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Fig.1 Quanta microRNA Technology

Fig.2 microRNA Detection Range

Fig.3 Quanta vs Qiagen

Fig.4 Quanta vs ABI

Fig.5 Quanta vs Invitrogen