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PerfeCTa PreAmp SuperMix


Unbiased Pre-Amplification

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PerfeCTa qPCR ToughMix

qPCR ToughMix

Expression profiling in difficult samples

  • Work with tough clinical and agricultural samples
  • Get results without diluting your samples

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AccuStart Genotyping ToughMix

Genotyping ToughMix

Make quick work of difficult samples

  • Works with soil, blood, plants and other tough samples
  • Compatible with hydrolysis probe chemistries

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microRNA Profiling

microRNA Profiling

  • Detect microRNAs with superior sensitivity
  • Profile microRNAs from small amounts of sample
  • Positive controls included
  • Broad dynamic range of RNA input

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Fast Cycling

Want to go Fast? Need Great Results? Join the FastMix® team!

  • Flexible - The only kits designed for Fast or Conventional cycling - Same Great Results!
  • Fast - 40 cycles, in 40 minutes or less.
  • Wide range of products for qPCR and qRT-PCR




Best-in-Class Allele Calling

  • Shorter Run Times-More runs per day
  • Robust Signal - use the primer and probe concentration
  • Convenience & Reliability - stability for 3 days pre-PCR and 5 days post-PCR



Gene Expression

Redefining cDNA Synthesis and qRT-PCR

  • Ready-to-Use cDNA SuperMix - Just add RNA and Go!
  • Improved Sensitivity and Dynamic Range - accurate quantitative data from your precious samples
  • Reduce assay variability


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