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Our brand is growing
We have expanded our PCR & qPCR portfolio
Now offering cloning, NGS and qPCR instruments
A faster, smaller, better way to qPCR
sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit
Ignite better insights
sparQ DNA Library Prep Kit
Ignite better insights
repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix
Seamless assembly of multiple
DNA fragments for high efficiency cloning
Reverse transcription

Maximum yield & sensitivity
for low abundance RNA detection

Perfecting PCR is the goal Quantabio has enthusiastically strived for in designing PCR and cDNA synthesis reagents that define the standard for reproducibility, specificity and sensitivity. Quantabio supplies superior quality reagents for demanding RT and PCR applications in life science, drug discovery and public health laboratories around the world.

PCR & qPCR ToughMixes
Engineered For Difficult Samples

Overcome PCR Inhibition

ToughMixes neutralize problem causing inhibitors present in crude samples avoiding expensive and time consuming purification steps.
Find the right ToughMix
Dried Blood Spots
Dried Blood Spots
Plant & Soil
Plant & Soil

NEW sparQ Sequencing Solutions

Improve Performance & Sequencing Economics

sparQ NGS products simplify workflow steps while improving library yields with limiting sample inputs resulting in lower total sequencing costs.


Compatible With These Seq Workflows:

  • Whole genome
  • Whole exome
  • Target Capture
  • Amplicon
  • ChIP

Key Benefits:

  • Higher Yields
  • Better Coverage
  • Greater Uniformity
  • Simple Workflows
  • Lower Total Costs
DNA Fragmentation
DNA Fragmentation
Library Preparation
Library Preparation
HiFi Amplification
HiFi Amplification
Library Quantification
Library Quantification

Customer Testimonials

“The sparQ kit safeguards samples from over fragmentation and routinely provides more consistent fragment size. Once optimized, I had peace of mind knowing my samples were safe when I got busy in the lab.”

Scientist, Laboratory Manager Agricultural Genomics Institute

“We had the pleasure of testing the ToughMix and the “Q” RT-PCR machine in Mbabane Swaziland in our Tuberculosis Centre of Excellence. The ToughMix stood up to it’s name and had beautiful Ct’s….Considering it’s size, intuititive software and near reproducible Ct curves we’ve decided to add the Q as our workhorse.”

Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases Global and Immigrant Health, Baylor College of Medicine

"I highly recommend repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix over other products. The difference is the 10x formulation."

Kara C Toxicology & Cancer Biology, University Kentucky