Quantabio invites you to join us at our Booth #1516 to check out our latest product technologies for qPCR and NGS molecular workflows.

NEW Technologies 

A faster, smaller, better way to qPCR 
Ultra- fast Data Acquisition
35 cycles in 25 minutes
Unrivaled Performance
Detect 2-fold expression level differences
Portable & Compact
4.5 lbs - transport without ever calibrating
Scalable & Wireless
Connect up to 10 instruments
(48 samples/instrument)

Magnetic Induction Technology
Eliminate variability vs block-based cyclers
 sparQ NGS Solutions
 Add sparQ to your workflow
Fast & Easy
2.5 hr library prep workflow
Superior Performance
Great coverage uniformity
High Sensitivity
Single tube solutions
Lowest total sequencing costs

Co-Lab Scientific Presentation

Date/Time:  Thursday, October 18: 2:30 pm-3:00 pm
Title:             New Q qPCR Cycler Redefines Run Time to as Little as 25 minutes While Enhancing Performance for Molecular Testing Applications.
Category:     Laboratory
CoLab #:      3
Booth #:       241
Speaker:      David Schuster
                     Sr. Director R&D

Scientific Posters

Poster     A new thermostable reverse transcriptase improves sensitivity, specificity and time to result for multiplex RT PCR-based detection and  quantification of RNA.
Time:         2-4 pm
Date:         Wednesday Oct 17

Location:    1791W

Poster   Rapid and accurate quantification of Illumina NGS libraries using the Q real-time qPCR instrument.
Time:          2-4 pm
Date:          Friday Oct 19th
Location:    1799F

Poster     Single-tube solutions to streamline DNA library preparation and improve sequencing results while lowering costs.
Time:          2-4 pm
Date:          Friday Oct 19th
Location:    1805F

Poster     Simple, high quality and cost-effective library preparation solutions for NGS. 
Time:         2-4 pm
Date:         Friday Oct 19th
Location:   1820F