Quantabio leverages several core technologies that make our kits highly reproducible.

Enhanced Stability


Ultra Low Background DNA


Residual DNA in Leading MasterMixes

  • Reduced Residual Host E.coli DNA
  • High purity Taq polymerase
  • Free of residual host E.coli DNA
  • Proprietary process strips E.coli “host” DNA from Taq polymerase
  • Ultra-Low background DNA
  • Useful for many applications including Pathogen detection


Low Foam

All qPCR reagents require significant amounts of detergent for enzyme stability and maximum fluorescence performance (optical signal). Bubbles can interfere with optical detection

Quantabio Antifoam Technology 

  • Eliminates bubbles and leads to enhanced optical clarity
  • Precision and accurate measurements
  • Patented technology
  • Utilized in all Quanta PCR Reagents