RepliQa Hifi ToughMix

Superior speed and inhibitor tolerance
Features & Benefits
  • Extreme Speed: up to 3x faster PCR results with extension rates as fast as 1 kb/sec*
  • Long Range: amplify 24+ kb gDNA
  • Tough-tested: tolerant to a wide range of inhibitors


*for fragments less than 1 kb in size


repliQa HiFi ToughMix is a 2x, ready-to-use master mix that contains all the components for high fidelity PCR amplification, including a genetically modified DNA polymerase coupled with hot start antibodies. This unique, next generation master mix provides 90x higher fidelity compared to Taq, while reducing time to PCR results by 2-3x. The extreme speed is enabled by extension times as fast as 1-10 kb/sec depending on target length. The enzyme is coupled with the industry leading ToughMix which is tolerant to a wide variety of inhibitors making it suitable for routine PCR, cloning, amplicon sequencing and site directed mutagenesis.


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