Ultra-Fast Data Acquisition

35 cycles in 25 minutes

Unrivaled Performance

Detect 2-fold expression level differences

Portable & Compact

4.5 lbs - transport without ever calibrating

Scalable & Wireless
Connect up to 10 instruments
(48 samples/instrument)

Magnetic Induction Technology

Eliminate variability vs block-based cyclers

Top Ten Reasons You Need a  :

Portable qPCR

No sticker shock

No calibration  - ever

It's so cute (ahh!)

Magnetic induction - say what?

Ultra-fast qPCR

No service required


Scalable qPCR

Because it is cool !!




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Device demonstration is currently only vailable for North America and Canada and for the following european countries:

United Kingdom (UK), Ireland (IE), France (FR), Netherlands (NL), Belgium (BE), Luxemburg (LU) and Portugal (PT).