First-Strand cDNA Synthesis

Quantabio reverse transcription reagents leverage proprietary, performance-engineered qScript® reverse transcriptase in a variety of stabilized, user-friendly reagent formulations that maximize cDNA yield and provide linear cDNA synthesis across a broad dynamic range of input RNA.  qScript cDNA synthesis kits redefine what is possible in speed, convenience, reproducibility, specificity and limit of detection (LOD) sensitivity in qPCR and RT-PCR applications.

First-Strand cDNA Synthesis comparison chart

  First-Strand cDNA Synthesis
  qScript cDNA SuperMix qScript XLT cDNA SuperMix qScript cDNA Synthesis Kit qScript Flex cDNA Synthesis Kit
Kit Format One Tube One Tube Two Tubes Five Tubes
RT Enzyme  MMLV, RNase H+ MMLV, reduced RNase activity MMLV, RNase H+ MMLV, RNase H+
Concentration  5x 5x 5x 5x
Yield +++ ++++ ++ ++
Total RNA Input Range  10pg  – 1ug  1pg  – 2ug  10pg  – 1ug  10pg  – 4ug 
Amplicon Length 1 kb or less 1 kb or less 1 kb or less 12 kb or less 
Optimal Reaction Time 40 min 30 – 70 min 40 min 60 – 90 min
Priming Method
Gene Specific      
High Yield     
Available Formats
Master Mix     
Packaging (Rxns/Units) 25 Rxns
100 Rxns
500 Rxns
25 Rxns
100 Rxns
500 Rxns
25 Rxns
100 Rxns
500 Rxns
25 Rxns
100 Rxns

Featured Products

  • qScript cDNA SuperMix
    High performance qScript reverse transcriptase pre-blended with ribonuclease inhibitor protein (RIP) and an optimized primer blend to ensure integrity of low abundance RNA and unbiased sequence representation
  • qScript cDNA Synthesis Kit
    High-performance qScript reverse transcriptase combined with our proprietary optimized primer blend and ribonuclease inhibitor protein (RIP) in a economical 2-component formulation for large gene expression profiling studies
  • qScript Flex cDNA Kit
    A comprehensive first-strand cDNA synthesis kit comprised of separate components enabling user-control of RT priming method - suitable for reverse transcription of large RNA targets and gene-specific priming (GSP)
  • qScript XLT cDNA SuperMix
    Next-generation qScript XLT reverse transcriptase with novel hot start RT technology in an easy-to-use 5X concentrated master mix for superior 2-step RT-qPCR assay performance and reproducibility