AccuStart II GelTrack PCR SuperMix

Features & Benefits

  • Contains premixed loading dye to streamline gel electrophoresis
  • User-friendly 2X concentrated master mix simplifies reaction setup with exceptional room-temperature stability (≥30 days at 22°C) and withstands to repetitive freeze-thaw (≥ 20X)
  • High-yielding, ultrapure modified Taq DNA polymerase delivers robust, reliable assay sensitivity
  • Stringent, ultrapure antibody hotstart ensures sensitive and precise assay performance


AccuStart II GelTrack PCR SuperMix is a 2X concentrated, ready-to-use reaction cocktail for routine PCR amplification of DNA fragments up to 4 kb. It contains all components, except primers and template. This kit improves assay reproducibility, and reduces the risk of contamination. A key component is AccuStart II Taq DNA polymerase which contains ultra-pure monoclonal antibodies that arrest polymerase prior to the initial PCR denaturation step. Hot start antibodies are rapidly and irreversibly denatured (1 minute at 94ºC), releasing a high yielding Taq DNA polymerase mutant with absolute maximum processivity and velocity from the first cycle. This enables specific and efficient primer extension with the convenience of room temperature reaction assembly.

GelTrack Loading Dye is a mixture of blue and yellow electrophoresis-tracking dyes that migrate at approximately 4kb and 50 bp, and comes pre-mixed with the PCR reagents.