A recent online publication of Nature Methods: Evaluation of quantitative miRNA expression platforms in the microRNA quality control (miRQC) demonstrated the superior performance Quantabio's qScript miRNA quantification system in terms of both accuracy AND reproducibility.

Summary of the miRQC study

  • Large-scale microRNA quality control study (miRQC) organized by Pieter Mestdagh and Jo Vandesompele at Ghent University, Belgium
  • Modeled after the original microarray quality control (MAQC) study published in Nature Biotechnology, 2006
  • Evaluation of the performance of currently available microRNA gene expression profiling platforms (RT-qPCR, microarray/bead hybridization, massively parallel sequencing)
  • Participants: Affymetrix, Agilent, Exiqon, Illumina, Life Technologies, Nanostring, Qiagen, Quanta Biosciences and Wafergen
  • Each supplier measured at least 384 human miRNA genes in 16 standardized samples plus 4 optional serum samples provided by the miRQC study coordinator

Link to the abstract and paper here.