In June 2001 a small team of pioneering individuals launched Quantabio with the vision of building a focused quantitative PCR reagent supplier. This vision is being realized through Quantabio's current and planned portfolio of next generation qPCR products with unparalleled performance attributes.

The scientific founders of Quantabio have a legacy of innovation and achievement in developing amplification enzymes. They led the development of pioneering amplification reagents such as SuperScript® I/II, SuperScript RT-PCR Systems and Platinum® Taq, during their tenure with Invitrogen and formerly with Life Technologies/GIBCO BRL. It is exactly this depth and breadth of experience and unique insight that has enabled Quantabio to build a portfolio of outstanding qPCR reagents.

In 2001, Quantabio became the OEM developer and manufacturer of BioRad Laboratories’ iScript™, iQ™ SuperMix, and iTaq™ reagent technologies. When the relationship with BioRad concluded in 2008, Quantabio forged an exclusive partnership with VWR International to continue bringing  innovations to market.  Today our mission continues advancing next generation qPCR reagent technology with the qScript™, AccuStart™, PerfeCTa® and ToughMix® product portfolios. 

Quantabio History Timeline
  • Quanta Biosciences Founded
  • qScript cDNA SuperMix
  • PerfeCTa SuperMix
  • PerfeCTa FastMix
  • AccuMelt HRM
  • qScript microRNA System
  • PerfeCTa ToughMix
  • qScript XLT Kit
  • GelTrack SuperMix
  • AccuStart II Taq DNA Polymerase
  • qScript XLT Kit
  • PerfeCTa Multiplex Kit
  • NSG Quantification Kit
  • Ultraplex (1-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix)
  • Renamed to:
  • repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix
  • sparQ HiFi PCR Master Mix
  • sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit
  • sparQ DNA Library Prep
  • Extracta DBS
  • Q qPCR Cycler
  • sparQ PureMag Beads