PCR inhibitors are common in crude samples and readily compromise assay performance.
Use of Quantabio TOUGH-tested ToughMix reagents results in enhanced PCR performance with crude or contaminated samples.
The advanced ToughMix buffer technology is engineered to withstand several types of PCR-inhibition, providing robust and reliable results from a variety of starting materials and purification methods.
  • Robust fluorescent probe qPCR & PCR performance
  • Applicable to wider range of probe designs and detection chemistries
  • Work directly with crude lysates
  • Bypass exhaustive and expensive sample purification
  • Superior performance in the presence of PCR inhibitors


Engineered Application Specific Enzymes
Optimized Tough Reagent
Superior Product Performance


Overcome many common PCR inhibitors:

InhibitorsCommon Source
Polysaccharides Plants, seeds, stool
Heme, hemoglobin Blood
Humic acid Soil, plant material
Melanin Skin, hair
Polyphenols Plant extracts

ToughMix technology is available for different applications:

Conventional PCR Genotyping qPCR RT-qPCR
AccuStart II PCR ToughMix qScript XLT 1-Step RT-PCR Kit repliQa HiFi ToughMix AccuStart Genotyping ToughMix PerfeCTa qPCR ToughMix PerfeCTa Muliplex qPCR ToughMix qScript XLT 1-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix UltraPlex 1-Step ToughMix
2X PCR SuperMix High fidelity cDNA High fidelity PCR 2X master mix 2X master mix 5X master mix 2X master mix 4X master mix
Ultrapure hotstart Polymerase 1 tube SuperMix 1 tube SuperMix SNP detection anti-foaming technology Multiplexing up to 5 targets 1 tube SuperMix 1 tube SuperMix
GelTrack, loading dye (separate tube) Up to 2 kb Up to 24 kb anti-foaming technology AccuVue for plate loading control anti-foaming technology Up to 3 targets Up to 5 targets
GelTrack, loading dye (separate tube) Fast PCR cycling conditions AccuVue for plate loading control fast or standard qPCR cycling conditions fast or standard qPCR cycling conditions
fast or standard qPCR cycling conditions Starting from 1 pg of total RNA

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