Learn How to Quickly Detect Common Beer Spoilers for Less Than $4 per Sample

Midwest Microbio discusses their new, industry-leading solutions and techniques to rapidly detect common beer spoilers in the craft brewing production process.


  • Innovative tools and processes that enable every craft brewer to improve sensitivity down to 1 cell/ml
  • 3x faster time to result compared to current testing methods - less than 1 hour vs. 3 to 4 hours
  • How to reduce testing costs by 20x compared to current methods with the ability to screen for all beer spoilers for under $4 dollars


Frank Luther,
Co-Founder and CEO of Midwest Microbio

Frank is the CEO of both Midwest Microbio and Masthead Brewing Co. with 10+ years of experience in brewing and manufacturing, with a background in industrial engineering and systems validation
Frank Luther -  CEO of Midwest Microbio and Masthead Brewing Co.
Aras Klimas,
Co-Founder and CTO of Midwest Microbio

Aras is the CTO of Midwest Microbio with multiple years of brewing QA experience at Platform and Masthead Brewing Co., with a background in Biophysics and Biochemistry
Aras Klimas - CTO of Midwest Microbio

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