Years of Expertise

Quantabio is committed to applying our deep, industry-leading expertise in developing high-performance enzymes and excellence in manufacturing quality and our reagent technologies are widely utilized in the following application areas:

  • Animal Health
  • Food Testing
  • Plant Testing
  • Environmental Testing
Animal Health

Quantabio reagents support advances in animal health research by providing robust and highly sensitive amplification tools for the veterinary diagnostic industry.

Food Testing

Quantabio has advanced amplification reagent technologies that support reliable and sensitive assay performance in the presence of even the most complex sample matrices encountered in food products.

Plant Testing

Molecular testing is critical for developing new crop technologies and verifying genetic integrity.  Plants are an especially challenging starting material due to the contaminating presence of PCR-suppressive compounds.  Quantabio ToughMix® reagent technologies are formulated to withstand several types of Taq inhibition and are widely-used for applications in new crop development and surveillance testing (GMO).

Environmental Testing

Bacteria, viruses and parasites capable of causing serious illness or infection can be introduced to public lakes and beaches through storm drain runoff, sewage spills and even local farms.