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AccuStart™ II Mouse Genotyping Kit

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Features & Benefits

  • Simple, fast protocol
  • GelTrack Loading Dye pre-mixed
  • High yield, high sensitivity
  • Precise amplification - hot-start technology ensures specific and efficient primer extension
  • Superior reproducibility and precision


The AccuStart II Mouse Genotyping Kit is designed for fast and easy preparation of PCR-ready DNA extracts and endpoint PCR analysis from tissues such as tail snips and ear punches commonly used for genotyping knockout and transgenic animals.
The kit combines Extracta™ DNA Prep for PCR - Tissue with AccuStart™ II GelTrack™ PCR SuperMix in a single kit.
Extracta reagents allow rapid extraction of PCR ready DNA that can be used directly in PCR reactions eliminating time consuming or expensive purification steps.
AccuStart II GelTrack PCR SuperMix has been optimized for genotyping applications that commonly utilize 3 or more primers in multiplex PCR reactions that allow amplification and analysis of two or more targets in a single reaction such as normal and mutant alleles of a gene knockout or that determine the presence or absence of transgene constructs in transgenic animals.
AccuStart II GelTrack PCR SuperMix contains all components for PCR (except primers and template) simplifying reaction assembly, improving assay reproducibility, reliability and reducing the risk of contamination.
The PCR SuperMix is a 2X concentrated, ready-to-use reaction cocktail for routine endpoint PCR amplification of DNA fragments up to 4 kb and subsequent analysis by agarose gel electrophoresis. The PCR SuperMix additionally includes electrophoresis-tracking dyes that migrate at approximately 4kb and 50 bp to allow direct loading of PCR product on agarose gels following amplification.

AccuStart Taq DNA polymerase in the master mix is inactivated with monoclonal antibodies that bind the polymerase and keep it inactive prior to the initial PCR denaturation step. Upon heat activation (1 minute at 94°C), the antibodies denature irreversibly, releasing fully active, unmodified Taq DNA polymerase. This enables specific and efficient primer extension with the convenience of room temperature reaction assembly.


  • Extracta DNA Prep for PCR - Tissue, 2 x 25 mL Extraction Reagent and 2 x 25 mL Stabilization Buffer. To reorder separately use: Cat. No. 95091-025
  • AccuStart II GelTrack PCR SuperMix (2X)
  • 5 x 1.25 mL of 2X reaction mixture containing optimized concentrations of MgCl2, dNTPs, AccuStart II Taq DNA Polymerase, AccuStart Taq antibodies, reaction buffer, stabilizers and gel loading dyes. To reorder separately use: Cat Nos. 95136-100 95136-500 95136-04K

Storage conditions

Remove AccuStart II GelTrack PCR SuperMix from the kit box and store separately. AccuStart II GelTrack PCR SuperMix is stable for 1 year when stored in a constant temperature freezer at 20?C. For convenience, it may be stored unfrozen at +2 to +8?C for up to 6 months. Repeated freezing and thawing does not impair product performance. Extracta Reagents can be stored at room temperature. If frozen, mix thoroughly after thawing before use.

Precautions and Disclaimer

For research use only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.